Reverse chronological order, HEJC leadership:


Eric Fell, President

Spring 2021 - Present


Eliza Spear, Vice President

Spring 2021 - Present


Amos Meeks, President

Spring 2020 - Fall 2020


Eric Fell, Vice President

Spring 2020 - Fall 2020


Amos Meeks, Vice President

Fall 2019


Christina Chang, President

Fall 2017 - Fall 2019


Dan Pollack, Vice President

Fall 2017 - Spring 2019


Robert Gustafson, Co-President

Fall 2014 - Spring 2017


Andy Greenspon, Co-President

Fall 2014 - Spring 2017


Daniel Thorpe - Co-President

Fall 2014 - Spring 2017


Lauren Hartle, Co-President

mid Spring 2012 - Spring 2014


Jason Munster, Co-President

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014


Kristian Bergen, Co-President



Daniel Recht, Co-President

Fall 2010 - Spring 2012


Kate Dennis, Co-President



Josh Goldman, Leader and Chief Archiver



Liz Main, Leader/Member


Paul Hess, Leader/Member


Jason Rugolo, Leader and Resident Contrarian



Jeremy Munday, Leader/Member


Suni Shah, Leader/Member, Early Archiver and First Website/ Logo Creator


Ben Lee, Early Leader/Member/Conspirator


Jacob Krich, Early Leader/Member/Conspirator



Alex Johnson, Early Leader/Member/Conspirator



Mark Winkler, Founding Leader/Member/Conspirator



Ernst van Nierop, Founding Leader/Member/Conspirator



David Romps, Co-Founder



Jeff Bielicki, Co-Founder



Kurt Zenz House, Founder



Prof. Dan Schrag, Faculty Advisor



Prof. Mike Aziz, Faculty Advisor



About the early days:


“My recollection (subject to a high error rate!) is that HEJC was formed by Kurt House, Jeff Bielicki, and myself in 2005.  The three of us shared the big office in HUCE starting in May of 2005. Kurt took the lead and would rightfully be referred to as the first president, and funding was provided by Kurt's advisor, Dan Schrag.  From what I recall, we were quickly joined in our efforts by Ernst, followed shortly by Alex J, Jacob K, and others. If there was any HEJC-type thing in existence before 2005, I certainly did not know about it.  My recollection is that Kurt named it HEJC.” - David Romps


“In the years of HEJC - which had a profound impact on me in only positive ways - I recall it mostly as reading papers right before showing up, and then diving straight into the reading material during the meeting by asking Jacob to explain figure 3 :-) We came up with topics of interest as a group, and divvied up which person or persons should rake together papers on them, and that was about it. Generous support from Dan Schrag and HUCE for the pizza and access to interesting Energy-related speakers!” - Ernst van Nierop


“For a while there it was a small, sad group of forgotten souls… we didn't even have pizza. For what it's worth, I also second Ernst on it not really being super organized. Felt grass roots to me. Don't recall any real kind of "president" activities, other than just making sure we had papers, pizza, and presenters to take lead on a paper or topic.” - Jason Rugolo